Teeth Whitening

mouth showing before and after teeth whitening treatment


At Emerald Beauty, we offer professional teeth whitening that strips years of stains off your teeth in just one session. We use White Teeth Brightening products, which is a North American made whitening gel consisting of Hydrogen and Carbamide Peroxide. Most gels use only Hydrogen at higher level which can be too abrasive on the teeth causing pain and extreme sensitivity. Using too low of a Hydrogen level can be effective but will require multiple treatments over a series of 7-14 days. White Teeth Brightening has perfected its recipe to give optimal results in less time with less pain. This product does not damage or harm your tooth enamel. The gel seeps through enamel tubules and lightens underlying stained tissue by pushing out accumulated stains left from food, drinks, smoking and other oral hygiene habits.
This appointment will require 45 minutes of your time to lighten your teeth 2-16 shades. Your teeth will continue to whiten over 24 hours, so it is important you avoid acidic food and drinks for the day following your appointment. This is a custom application with no trays that enables us to get into every crevice of each tooth, unlike strips where the small parts can easily be missed. There is no UV exposure making it pain free, and is safe on bridges, veneers, crowns, caps and fillings. Results last 3-6 months depending on your oral health. This is a service you will not regret booking!

60 minutes

woman smiling with healthy white teeth


Consider having touch-up treatments. Depending on the original whitening method you used, you may need a touch-up every 6 months or after a year or two. Of course, smoking and drinking coffee may require more regular touch-ups.

60 minutes


Important Information Before Your Appointment

Please make sure you eat before you come to your teeth whitening appointment.

You cannot eat for 5 hours after the appointment and need to avoid foods that may stain your teeth for the next 24 hours.

Your teeth continue to whiten for 24 hours post appointment.