Hair Extensions

  • Non-Damaging

    Nano Bead extensions use a small bead to attach to the client’s hair. Damaging variables such as glue/adhesives, chemicals for removal, heavy weight (putting stress on the hair) is eliminated. Glue methods often use harsh chemicals (like acetone) to remove the extensions from your porous scalp!

  • Low Maintenance

    A maintenance appointment is required every 6-10 weeks. The time between appointments varies according to the “type” of hair you have. Thin hair is required to come in sooner and thick hair can go longer in duration.

  • Long Lasting

    When using high quality, full cuticle hair, this method will last you minimum of 1 year with proper hair care.

before and after hair extension curly hair


Are you looking for a way to transform your look and feel amazing?

Nano bead hair extensions might just be the answer, adding length, volume and even highlights/lowlights can give you the best pick-me-up. They are non damaging and ultra lightweight making them the most comfortable type of extension. No more waiting for good hair, you can have it now! Limited time offer 15% off all installs until the end of February ($100-250 in savings) Offered by a certified technician, book your free consultation today.

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What Are Nano Bead Extensions?

The Nano Bead technique is also known as the Nano-link or Nano-ring method. It is an individual strand method using a nano tip extension with a short metal tip. They are applied one by one into the clients hair using a nano bead (and a specific technique and pattern to ensure safe application). Using this method eliminates damaging variables from the hair extension process like:
➔ Heat
➔ Glues
➔ Chemicals for removal
➔ Heavy weight

The Nano bead is 90% smaller than any other beaded method on the market, making it the BEST option for to fine, fragile hair.

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